Fabricio Cuppari

Digital Project Manager

Performance + Management + Innovation

Experienced Digital Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

Skilled in Digital Strategy, Performance Dashboards, Online Advertising, KPIs and Team Management.
Strong Interest in Analytics, Data Science and Design Thinking.

Working with agencies and digital design since 2002

Through these years, I worked with a great amount of big companies. Below you can find the more recent ones, with succesfull performance cases. I manage teams and deliver projects that always meet the client expectations. I am very proud of all these works and if you need, I can put you in contact with my superiors to reference.

Briefing System

To Outback I designed and create a project to their Briefing System, so all their restaurants can request marketing material (such as business cards, flyers, menus) through this responsive website. I managed a dev team and follow the project from sketch to deliver in 60 days. In time and below the budget. Now, 300 people in more than 90 restaurants access and order communication materials in a daily basis, giving the franchises more autonomy and reducing costs. This project also reduced HSTK time (orders used to be made by phone and email) and saved more than R$120,000.00 yearly.

Insurance Project

SulAmerica (the biggest private insurance company in Brazil) used to send to their customers a lot of printed documentation regarding the insurance. When I was at direct.one I managed the design and marketing team, helping to reduce this printing volume. After all the process it was reduced to few beautiful and well designed color pages. The company gained agility in the deliver, reduce costs in the shipping and printing and got colored personalization documents. This was a very long project with many areas involved and I had participation in part of it. The full case can be accessed at https://direct.one (PT).

Online Selling

Brazil is the second market buyer regarding Club Med Ski travel packages. HSTK is an agency that has Club Med as a client since 2015 and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 developed the digital strategy to raise the sellings. As a Digital Coordinator, I was responsible for implement the media planning in Facebook, Instagram and Google DV360. Through an online dashboard I controlled the delivery and access to the website. In 2019 we had a huge success surpassing the selling goal(goal: 50MM / result: 63MM). Besides this result, we had a ROI of 2801%.

GYM Project

In Bluefit (Gym with 60 units in Brazil) the main objective is to keep the online transaction bigger than 10%. The results are always reached in the past six months, as follows: Jan 17% / Feb 11% / Mar 12% / Apr 17% / May 16% Jun 15% and Jul 15%. I manage the Google search and Display campaigns, Facebook and Instagram strategy and campaign delivery. I also send to Bluefit’s CEO a weekly and a monthly report from all the actions.

Over here you can download my resumé, or send me an e-mail: fabricio.cuppari@gmail.com